COVID-19 reporting and assessment system

anonymized • open-source • non-profit

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Anonymous reporting

Report your symptoms – help us detect outbreak clusters and warn others!

Infection alerts

Get notified about infection risks, based on your visited locations and contacts.

Symptom check

Not sure if you have Corona? We analyze your symptoms and show you next steps.


I don't have symptoms. Should I still use Cotect?

Yes! We will soon implement alerts that warn you about possible infections – e.g. if there have been Corona cases at your favorite store.

Why an app? Shouldn't I just stay at home?

Yes, if you can! But you might still encounter people when doing groceries or working. Also, this lockdown won't last forever. That's when Cotect can help.

What happens to my data?

Cotect asks you about symptoms, locations, and contacts. We store this data anonymized and secure. We use if for internal risk calculations but will never show it to anybody.

Do I need to sign up?

No. We ask you for a quick SMS verification to avoid spam and duplicates. We don't store your number. If you skip this step, your data will not contribute to our risk calculations, but you can still use the entire app.

Open Source & Non Profit

We are committed to keep the cotect project fully open-source and non-profit with the highest level of transparency. Contributions are welcome!

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